Now you can really see the damage!

And VOILA!  This is what the damage was to the fingers….



We needed to clean these and re-bandage them.

I’m ok with that but I refuse to touch or apply any kind of pressure on those fingers.

Because if he winces even slightly, I will feel the pain even more than he will.

Not squeemish…hyper-sensitive though.

There’s a slight odour I detect…perhaps a bit of infection.

I let him dip the fingers in a bowl of peroxide.

It bubbles furiously.

I let him clean the dried blood with the sterile cotton Q-tip.

I let him dry off the wounded fingers with the sterile compresses.

I cut the special sticky wrapping and let him apply it to his wounded fingers…only he knows how much pressure he can apply without hurting himself.

I lightly wrap them all up with the special bandages, carefully and slowly so as not to touch any finger I’m not wrapping.

Finally, all wrapped and cleaned.

The whole procedure makes me nervous.



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