How’s this for self-indulgent:)

I have pretty much become a recluse…venturing to isolated spots where I am ensured aloneness.

Recluse Reading

Recluse Reading (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But, hubby is still here.  So I am not entirely alone, ever.

And I have Boo with me all the time.

He counts, doesn’t he.

If you look up the definition of recluse it states that “someone voluntarily withdraws from human contact”…so I guess that fits me quite well.

Then, there’s the recluse spider LOL  could be me too I guess.

English: brown recluse compared to a quarter

English: brown recluse compared to a quarter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve even withdrawn from blogging almost.

Did anyone miss me?

Did anyone care?

Probably not:)

Anyway, tomorrow night I must venture out in public with hubby to attend his work Christmas supper party.

I have one knit dress and a dressy sweater that made it into my boxes from Calgary to here so  I guess that’s what I’m wearing as I have no other pants that would be appropriate for a Christmas party.

Then again, I could always decide to wear jeans and a sweater at the last-minute.

You just never know how I’m gonna feel.


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  1. You remind me of a good friend that I once had. My mother’s age. Vegetarian. Hippie. Made me laugh so hard. I must send her a Christmas card. I’m a recluse, and I love it!

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