30 Years!

Monday, Dec. 10th was our 30th wedding anniversary.

Milestone logo

Milestone logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Amazing to me.

What was not amazing was…

I forgot.


Forget-me-not (Photo credit: dawnzy58)


As I’ve been forgetting for the past 30 years.

As my son said to my hubby “why would that change now Dad?”

Funny the Way It Is

Funny the Way It Is (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Well, there was one year where I didn’t forget…the son reminded me many, many times…for many, many days before.

That was a surprise for hubby.

Surprise, Surprise (TV series)

Surprise, Surprise (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Then there was the year when I had calendar reminders pop up every day for a month on my work and home email systems.

Still, I had to rush out the morning of the day to get the card and gift.


Reminder (Photo credit: Mhatma)

Oh well…it is what it is.

Hubby still thinks it’s pretty funny when he hands me my anniversary gift and I ask “What’s this for?” with that completely clueless look on my face.


Clueless (Photo credit: cosmorochester)

Whew.  Good thing he finds it funny…I hear it’s a potential explosive situation when a spouse forgets an important date!  Repeatedly.  It can even mean death of the marriage.  LOL

English: Day of the Dead cake This is the trad...

English: Day of the Dead cake This is the traditional anniversary cake for Mr. and Mrs. Raccoon. When I called the bakery to make my order last week, the woman said, “Oh, yeah! I thought it was that time of the year.” It’s nice to be known by the cake you order. It’s important to note that the cake is Red Velvet, a blood-red chocolate. Shout-out to Janet’s Cakes and Catering on Market Street. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 responses

  1. That is the stereotype yet I suspect it is a rumour started by all those women with good working memories that get all annoyed with people that don’t have good working memories…and ADD is prevalent in men:) oh well, as long as he finds it amusing and not insulting I’m ok:)

  2. I always thought it was the man who forgot the Anniversary. I keep it on the calendar to remind my husband but I remember it. We don’t usually do much for ours but we do remember the date although I think I forgot the number of years and was surprised when I was updating the calendar just now.

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