A little beauty in an ugly world

We went for a walk on the beach on a chilly Sunday morning.

chilly beach day

chilly beach day

On top of being invigorating, it filled the soul with soothing beauty.

Not all is ugly in the world, even though human behaviour often makes it seem that way.

What drew me to the beach was the sea fog, or vapour as

it’s referred to in these parts.


It’s created when the air is colder than the water…

which is hard to imagine that is the case for the chilly waters of the Bay of Fundy!

Then, because it was such a low tide, I got distracted by the rocky formations that are normally part of the sea floor, and are only visible to us at low tide or, if incredibly hardy, when diving in these waters.


The shallow pools of salt water do indeed freeze during cold weather.Beautiful.IMG_0120Walking the beach in the cold is interesting visually as well as audibly.The squishy crunch of extremely chilled seaweed.

chilly beach day

chilly beach day

Boo’s happy trot down a cool sandy beach.


When it’s this cold, his nose must be buried in the seaweed to detect any interesting tidbits the birds may have left for him.


He didn’t even notice the dead seal.


It sure caught my attention.

And it’s easier for me to inspect the dead carcass when it’s cold…no smell:)


This one died from a bullet wound.


Washed in by the tides, it will eventually be picked apart by the birds or be carried back out to the ocean.  Where the salt water will continue cleaning the carcass, eventually washing the bleached bones back to shore.

Such is the cycle of life.

Which makes me wonder why people are so shocked and surprised when confronted with something that is dead.

Intellectually, we all know all living beings will die at some point.

We all know that death will occur by whatever means possible…causes of death are endless.

It mostly boils down to predators, including crazy humans…survival of the fittest, etc.

So why is it we are always, without fail, so shocked/scared/sad?

Is it fear?


4 responses

  1. Boo does not like to have me out of his line of vision. However he will chase a cat like a rocket within a moments hesitation:)

  2. I loved fish for a LONG time, so I cannot criticise fishermen. But, I can and shall criticise the rationale that “fishermen need their catch to feed their families.” A man does not need to kill to feed his family. Nothing need die for the sake of nourishment.

    That said, the photographs of Boo are so precious!!!!!!!!! You simply must have a magnificent connection in order for him to stay with you!!! I do not trust Gwendolyn, but I shall give her a tad of freedom in the enchanted forest to run without leash.


  3. Fishermen need their catch to feed their families and seals take away a whole lotta fish when they get at it. Ultimately, it is to feed the hungry, regardless of what job you do to meet that need. And still, it is survival of the fittest, right?

  4. but why shoot a seal? or any living thing, unless you need it for food?

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