Injured by Candy!

Yes, that’s right.  I was injured by candy.

Ok, well, not exactly BY the candy, but because of the candy.

A whole tin of candy spilled all over the floor (no, I cannot figure out how that happened).

I was settling in to watch 3 hours of The Voice finale (yes yes I realize that was ambitious of me).  BTW, the vanilla chick won, which disappointed me but didn’t surprise me:(

The Voice (U.S. TV series)

The Voice (U.S. TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyway, the pink candies flew out of the tin and settled all over the living room floor.

peppermint poster yeah

peppermint poster yeah (Photo credit: mararie)

Instantly, my ADD mind went into crisis mode, propelling me out of my glider to quickly pick up all the candy.

In doing that I stubbed my little toe on the coffee table, which is just a leather-covered, padded storage chest.  The pain barely registered, and that’s only because it stopped me in my tracks, which prevented me from moving forward to pick up the pink candies before Boo licked each and every one.

Mission accomplished with the help of hubby who came tearing out of the computer room when he heard the ruckus.  Apparently there was foul language coming out of my mouth.  Go figure.

ANYWAY, mess cleaned up and sugar rush avoided for Boo.

I resettled my butt into the glider, calmed myself and proceed to focus on the show.  I sure enjoyed Nicolas:)voice-finals-2012

An hour passed and my toe was throbbing like a cartoon character…BOING BOING BOING

Boing (France)

Boing (France) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was annoying the heck out of me.

I got up and stumbled…couldn’t put my weight on the foot.  WTF!

I limped my way to the back door, gingerly put on my shoes to go outside.

Throbbing increased 100%…shoot me now.

Off come the shoes, hobble to the bathroom for an Advil and back to the glider.

A bottle of 50 200mg Advil caplets

A bottle of 50 200mg Advil caplets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Usually, it is said to lessen pain apply ice and raise the injury.

OW…hurts all the way down the top side of my foot, starting with the little toe all the way to the instep.


Stupid, stupid,  stupid…the toe, not me:)  Well, ok, maybe me a little bit.

Took more Advil before going to bed because it was still throbbing.


advil (Photo credit: Cast a Line)

When I woke up this morning it was stiff, sore and slightly swollen.  No biggie.

Still can’t wear shoes.

Still can’t put the foot up.

Still hobbling a bit.  Numbness across the top of the foot too.

Probably just a sprain.

Oh well.

I still love candy:)

Oh yeah, I saw Bruno Mars twice yesterday, once on Ellen and then on The Voice.  Did you ever notice how beautiful his complexion is?  Gorgeous…I’m so jealous!

Bruno Mars - It Will Rain

Bruno Mars – It Will Rain (Photo credit: [ captivated ])


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