A Day In The Life

“I really would like something pink in my bedroom.”
So, I get up off my ass and clean the ashes from the wood stove.
“Something with varying shades of pink”…”maybe some type of sunset, or an abstract.”
Then, I get up off my ass and sweep the floors.
“I wonder if I have enough white paint and if I have some red paint?”
I get dressed, clean the kitchen, wander into the computer/craft room.
I turn on the computer and think “that guest room flooring needs to be done, I should finish painting the bathroom, entrance and baseboards”.
I play a couple of Facebook games, catch up on some family happenings, shut down the computer and…
Bring Boo for a walk, smoke a cigarette, have some coffee, clean up the mess I make with the coffee.
I suddenly feel tired and overwhelmed.
I should knit myself a lightweight hat to keep this hair out of my face when I go outside.
Wow! That view from the kitchen is fantastic! Still a lot of sea smoke! It was pretty chilly when I was out there.
I grab my book and read a couple of chapters.
Fall asleep for about 30 minutes.
Find myself in the bathroom, wondering what I went in there for. Must have needed to go…so I do. Wander to the kitchen, remember I wanted an Advil and go back to the bathroom. Take the Advil.
I’m thinking it’s been at least a month since I’ve seen somebody other than my hubby. Maybe longer…not really sure.
Should I be worried? Am I too isolated?
Damn…hubby in the driveway already!
Must be time for supper if he’s home from work!
At least I still have some ham in the fridge…we can have sandwiches for supper.
I’d really like to get that pink painting done.
I would like a painting above the coffee machine…something bright and cheery…a coffee cup and the word coffee a whole bunch of times in different fonts…
Maybe I can get those done tomorrow..


5 responses

  1. That sounds almost like my life..and my husband wonders why nothing gets done.

    1. Well, stuff gets done…just not the stuff he wants right?:)

  2. Well, the ham was pink, right? I’d count that as success!


  3. did you happen to notice the squirrel?
    best wishes

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