Bitter Taste

I ventured out yesterday and visited the local Dollar Store and Home Hardware, looking for a small, cheap pot to melt paraffin in (long story and mostly boring).

Anyway, while standing in line for the check out the woman in front of me said “I know who you are.  You’re the people who bought the house where I raised my kids.”  I replied that we had bought it 5 years ago and she interrupted me with ” I know EXACTLY when you bought it.”

The smile on her face was a fake one.

Everyone in both checkout lines went quiet.

I felt very uncomfortable and tense, of course, but remained “open” to what she might have to say.

She went to tell me that her husband died in the back yard, by the big tree, of a heart attack at the young age of 42.  I nodded sympathetically and murmured something about traumatic for her.  She repeated she raised her kids in this house.  Again I smiled slightly and nodded.  She said it’s a beautiful piece of land.  She said a couple of times to “enjoy” it.  I repeated three times that we were enjoying it.

She abruptly turned away and left.

I could feel a bit of the tension drain away and I could see that the people around me relaxed a bit as well.  All conversations resumed.

I felt concerned about the malicious vibe I received from this woman.

I knew about her husband and had been told by someone who knew him well that he was a raging alcoholic, drinking morning, noon and night and he literally drank himself to death at the young age of 42.

I knew her life fell apart after, and that she lost her home/land by not paying her mortgage.

I also was told there was really no good reason for that to have happened, as she had numerous people in this house earning good wages which they all spent on booze and drugs.

I found the evidence of the booze and drug abuse in our forest and in the shed.

My home was broken into 3 times, as was the shed, during the 5 years we owned this place prior to our moving here.

Everyone on the island knew it was her “kids” that broke in, destroyed property etc.

We were also told they had one hell of a wild party on their last day in this house.

We saw evidence of that too:)

This place was gross.

Needless to say, I did not like that woman.

I tried to be sympathetic to her circumstances unsuccessfully.

In my mind, she is not to be trusted.

She was somewhat scary to me.

Keeping my guard up.


2 responses

  1. I have the distinct impression that the locals will side with their “own” in terms of trouble etc.

  2. That is scary. At least if anything happens, you had a lot of witnesses to your encounter.

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