I have been taking 10 mg of Lipitor to lower my cholesterol for over 20 years…actually I have been on Lipitor since my early 20’s!  That is over 30 years of taking a drug that I don’t believe I actually need.

I approached the subject with my doctor a few times over the years and he always said No you cannot stop taking Lipitor because you still smoke.

He did not take into account that my diet went from completely fast food to NO crap whatsoever, without even one tiny slip up.  I have not eaten junk food for over 30 years!

But the mysterious muscle aches and pains, the headaches etc. can all be attributed to this drug.

I am going to experiment.

I will stop taking it for one month…starting today.

Would you?




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  1. I do believe when stopping any medication you should not stop immediately but need to go slow. Like maybe every other day for a week, then every two days for the next week to help with any side effects of quitting, or slowly cut the dosage down every two weeks while your body adjusts. Good Luck

    1. Lipitor does not have any type of withdrawal symptoms and it’s not like I haven’t forgotten to take them for weeks at a time in the past. As a matter of fact on this current prescription I have already not taken 4 months worth! LOL. Anyway, the blood tests will be the only thing that determines whether I go back on them or not. I saw a news item that said daily brisk walking is huge in the control of diabetes and cholesterol.

  2. the lipitor is likely causing the unpleasant effects. after stopping you will need to check blood tests again in awhile
    however, all of this is probably of minor significance if you are still smoking, that is likely your major health issue. hope you are considering doing something about that.
    best wishes

    1. Smoking is a great big dissatisfaction and a whole other complex issue. Quitting is a far away goal while dealing with ADD…just cutting down to half a pack a day took forever…trying every drug and program available to no avail. Finally, I clued in to how much I hated the stink in my house so I banned indoor smoking completely. If the weather is too nasty, I do without for as long as I can. I could fill a book with the trials and tribulations with the failures to quit. I’m tenacious so I have not given up yet…I will keep trying:). Eventually I will succeed.

  3. I do not take any medication because I’m an addict! Even Ibuprofen! Ha ha! I want to know what you eat. Please do a WIAW. That is my special request!

    1. Will do. Tomorrow I will list what I eat today. Maybe with pictures:)

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