ADD ADHD Alternative Treatments Adult Remedies Natural Cures

I promised Alan Brown to review and after viewing the first video “lesson” and ruminating on it for many weeks, I still am reluctant to put into words what I’m thinking.  You can also see a whole bunch of introductory videos on You Tube, just click on this link and there is his Facebook page

Alan Brown - Undiagnosed in Millions, Do You H...

Alan Brown – Undiagnosed in Millions, Do You Have It? – TEDxSan (Photo credit: TEDxSanDiego)

Anyway, I promised, so here goes:

I’ll start with the pros…the videos are short and to the point.  Which is great for anyone with ADD.

But, the information is the same information, just recycled into short presentations by an ordinary guy with ADD who claims to have crushed his own ADD with all of his tips.

Alan Brown's logo for ADDCrusher

Alan Brown’s logo for ADDCrusher

That was my first issue.  ADD/ADHD is not cured, it is only managed with workarounds that people find help them cope with the ordinary and the mundane.

Then, there is the impression he made on me.  A little arrogant…actually, he struck me as probably a lot arrogant.

I don’t like that.  Reminds me a bit of those slick snake oil salesmen you read about in the old books:)

Sorry, Alan, but you did say good, bad or indifferent was acceptable, right?

And last, but not least, the whole thing requires a commitment of time.  While only 5 minutes at a time it’s still something you have to remember to do.  Kinda reminds me of an exercise program…we’re all gung-ho in the beginning then get totally bored with it and start to forget to incorporate all that activity in our day.

Not exactly my strong point, know what I mean?:)

Anyway, check out his website, which I do like.  Nice and clean, easy to find stuff and not chaotic at all.

Who knows, you just might like this guy and his videos.  It might be the right thing for you!

ADD ADHD Alternative Treatments Adult Remedies Natural Cures.


4 responses

  1. I haven’t seen his videos yet, I am curious to see them despite the critique. Since he has the ADHD disorder it is interesting to see what is really helping him. It is not a cure, but it might just be what people need. Thanks for telling us about him!

    1. I like his no nonsense approach and he doesn’t really sugarcoat things. Plus he says ADD is a gift that difficult to unwrap, which makes more sense than it just being a gift, you know?

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  3. I always look forward to reading your posts.
    You make it much easier for me to keep up
    to date with all the news in the ADD/ADHD world.

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award here.
    You can find the details here 🙂

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