ADD/ADHD: The Danger of Denial


Danger (Photo credit: spcbrass)


Yes, there is great danger in denial of any kind, especially when it comes to neurological disorders.


Pretend long enough that “there is nothing wrong with you, it’s the rest of the world that has the problem” and you will come to truly believe that statement as fact.


Problem is, reality keeps intruding, bad decisions become a way of life, rigid rules of behaviour for other people become cast in concrete, and you end up burning all your bridges.


US Navy 040511-F-5855M-108 U.S. Navy Seabees a...

US Navy 040511-F-5855M-108 U.S. Navy Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Five (NMCB-5), Port Hueneme, Calif. and a Thai Ice Cream man cement a wall to a school in Ban Pho Mun, Thailand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


You could become addicted to any number of substances, you stop learning life skills and you will end up alone.


Once you are alone, with no one willing to help you anymore, you are left with your worst paranoia fantasies.  Everyone hates you, everyone is out to get you, everyone is sabotaging your efforts to get what you need and want…etc., etc., etc.


The occasional pity-party becomes a way of life for you. You have burnt all your bridges.


The day the bridge came down

The day the bridge came down (Photo credit: Mick_Gallagher_1959)


Strangers will pity you too, wonder how it is you ended up alone, stranded, or perhaps even homeless.  Most people will start to pretend you don’t exist.


If you are not willing to change, to get out of your head and accept the fact that you are wrong about OH SO MANY THINGS, there is no hope for you.


Your nightmares will indeed come true.


Nightmare (song)

Nightmare (song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Your struggle to control every aspect of your life will be over.


Just because you believe something strongly does not make it true.


Until the moment you find reality too much to endure, your heart is broken because no one wants you around anymore, how do you stop that downward slide into oblivion?  You cannot stop yourself alone.  You must get professional help.  This is fact.


How can you help someone you care for when there is no co-operation from that person? You cannot force an adult to do anything they do not want to do.


Straightjacket Escape, U-District Street Fair,...

Straightjacket Escape, U-District Street Fair, Seattle, WA (Photo credit: djwudi)


Anyone that has watched someone self-destruct knows what I’m talking about.


What did you do?



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