Overwhelmed, Frustrated Parents of ADDers

I just read a post from a parent of a 13 year old boy. She was angry and frustrated that after a good week the boy was fighting in school.
I was compelled to tell her how difficult having a good week was. The amount of effort is stupendous, even as an adult!
Emotionally speaking, a breakdown of some sort is a given.
As an adult I have the tools and small measure of control to direct myself to more socially acceptable was to “breakdown”. I am also able to recognize what is happening when it happens.
But a child is not equipped with the control or the skills, especially a 13 year old. And they are dealing with massive amounts of hormonal fluctuations. Is it any wonder he’s picking fights after using ALL of his limited skills for a week?
My suggestion was some kind of physical activity that is enjoyable to him on a daily basis.
Positive talk is not enough.
He needs a way to burn off that aggressiveness.


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