Do you know what this is? Sounds familiar but not quite sure?
The official definition is “the inability to find or sustain pleasure from once pleasurable activities”.
Apathy, right?
Anhedonia is a symptom of Major Depression Disorder.
There are other symptoms that must be present to “qualify” for MDD.
Loss of sex drive…for the most part
Loss of appetite…never had a big appetite so nothing to compare it to
social withdrawal…Yes, almost completely!
Loss of interest in normal activities…for sure, just going through the motions doing what must be done.
SADNESS is not a part of anhedonia!
I don’t feel sad, not even a little bit.
Anyway, treatment is the same as all the rest of the disorders listed in any psychological list…
Healthy eating
Psychotherapy especially group therapy
Homeopathic supplements
I believe they put these things on a list because they don’t know the answer to the cause.
After all, I had no major trauma to set this off. No emotional disturbance to warrant such a response.
And what about those professional athletes that suffer from depression!? Exercise is part of their life in a big way, just as healthy eating is.
Anti-depressants didn’t work for me and neither did therapy. Ok, I did not do group therapy in person, but I did go one-on-one with a therapist. I joined a few groups online which did not sustain my interest long enough to find anything useful. For the most part, the people in those groups are sad, which I cannot relate to.
So, bottom line is, do the apathetic have something else going on?


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