Fascinating thing, human perception.
Everyone perceives things differently, absorbing the same information yet interpreting it differently.
Sure, you can always find someone amongst your family and friends to agree with your interpretation.
Every person believes themselves to be absolutely correct with their interpretations too, hotly defending them if challenged!
Me included.
But what happens when you take a step back?
What would happen to your impressions of a situation if you looked through the eyes of another?
Would you see what they see?
Or would you just remain firmly ensconced in your own belief?
In an email, Someone told me I came across like a bull in a china shop and that I was looking for recognition. I only read that message 4 months after it was sent.
I found that perception of me fascinating. Why?
Because no one has ever told me that before. And because that has never been a part of my personality.
Quite the opposite actually.
I have always tred carefully, with caution, when other people are involved.
And I certainly never searched for any type of recognition, always pulling back when I see people paying attention to me.
So, I wonder, if my enthusiasm for a cause creates a different persona.
If I’m excited about something, do I throw caution and consideration to the wind while I forge ahead, trampling on people’s feelings as I stomp through?
Maybe. It certainly is a possibility.
After all, if I want to help and think I have a good idea that is worth a try, why wouldn’t I get excited about it?
So, I can see how my actions were perceived to be obnoxious.
It’s the other perception if can’t see…the wanting recognition part. That one I can’t see. At all.
I reread what I wrote and I still think it was clearly “maybe” perhaps etc. which in my mind means the whole thing is tentative, depending on what others agree to.
It certainly did not appear to be a “fait accompli”, at least not to me.
Oh well, water under the bridge, so the saying goes. Nothing came of it. Nothing ever will. C’est la vie!
I wonder, after all this time, if I should answer that message?
What do you think?


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