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Sleep disorders often disrupt attention deficit treatment in children and adults. Expert ADHD sleep advice for catching zzzs quicker, staying asleep better, and waking up healthier.

via ADHD Sleep Advice for ADHD Adults | ADDitude – ADHD Information & Resources.

1. Can’t shut off your mind so you cannot get to sleep…this happened to me until the age of 40!

2. Restless sleep…after age 40 is when this lovely little issue presented itself.  Tossing and turning always happened, but once I fell asleep I slept deeply.  Now, my sleep is so agitated my hubby cannot get a full nights sleep!  Not to mention all the bruises he gets from my punching, hitting and kicking:)

3. Difficulty waking was a big problem until the age of 40.  Hubby would pick me up and put me in the shower, turn on the water and wait til it woke me LOL

4. Intrusive sleep is when you are so “bored” you cannot stay awake.  Almost like narcolepsy but not quite:) Still, it’s dangerous.  I know, when my eyes roll into the back of my head I MUST lie down.


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  1. ashleypeacock641002277 | Reply

    How did you overcome these issues at 40? 🙂

    1. I tried every sleep tip I could find. Nothing worked. My change in sleep issues was a by-product of Menopause:). Menopause started early for me and each annoying symptom was amplified to the nth degree. In the beginning I was somewhat happy about that change in sleep patterns but after 15 years of disturbed sleeping I find myself reminiscing about the good ole days when I could spend 12 hours in bed, sleeping like a log and waking up groggy. Now, when my eyes pop open after an hour or two of restless sleep, I’m wide awake and staying in bed is no longer tolerable. When you have to go to work it is anxiety producing. Now that I’m retired it just means I’ll be napping sometime in the day:)
      Of 2 sleeping issues, having trouble falling asleep is the easiest to live with. You just have to go to bed early enough to give yourself that few hours it takes for your mind to calm down. It shortens your evening, lengthens your sleep period and, in the long run, allows you to be productive at work.
      One thing for sure, traditional sleep tips did not help me in the least, whether it was on medication or not.
      I guess the real trick is to not let it stress you out, anger you or anything like that. Those strong feelings produce too much adrenalin.
      To keep that from happening I used to concentrate on flexing my muscles, starting with my toes and wiring my way up the body. Focusing on that kept thoughts from whirling around in my head.
      Hyper focus is the tool we can all use to make ourselves do what is needed.
      Harnessing that talent is tricky but definitely do-able.

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