Seriously? Preposterous!
Not crazy, actually.
Mindfulness is about paying attention, which is the single most commonality for all ADDers. Yet it is the very thing that can help you succeed in your endeavours to get it together.
Seems impossible but it truly is not as far-fetched as it sounds.
The key to using mindfulness for an ADDer is to use visual cues to help yourself remember what you are supposed to be doing.
And to make sure those visual cues are big enough to grab your attention. A tiny post-it note stuck on your computer screen amongst a thousand other post-it notes just won’t cut it. There was a time when I tried the post-it notes until those things impaired my vision. At that point I just knocked them off the computer, threw them away and just sat there, staring dumbly at that screen, desperately trying to think of what I was supposed to be doing, how to do it and how to come up with a better reminder system:). I can still feel that deep frustration and sense of failure…very doom and gloom, beating myself up in my head as well as trying to put the brakes on all that turmoil.
What did I do then?
Huh…I walked away. I went outside and walked around the building. Around and around I went, not once thinking that maybe my boss would not appreciate my absence and lack of productivity.
Eventually my mind calmed and I returned to my desk. Fished all those post-it notes out of the garbage, grabbed a binder and started making myself a manual of each thing I had to do, how to do it starting with the simplest step right to the finishing step of putting the finished product away…even where that was and the directions on where that filing cabinet was located.
I spent the majority of the day making this manual, then making sure everything in it was in alphabetical order so I could easily and quickly find what I needed. The binder was bright red in a sea of grey, so it always looked out of place and caught my attention.
I used that binder every day, and it worked like a charm because I created it as though it were a recipe book that a child would need use.
And, yes, I did get in trouble with the boss for that unauthorized, excessively long break. However, once his blah, blah, blah was done (which I basically tuned out), I explained what was happening and what my plan was to solve the problem. Since the bosses knew I was ADD and had agreed to work with me to make me “more effective” , he had to let me go for it.
The point of that little ditty is to follow your instincts to solve your mindfulness dilemmas. If you cannot remember to brush your teeth, get a giant toothbrush and put it in the bathroom where it will be right in your face. You can’t ignore it so it will pull that trigger in your mind.
Trust me, it works like a charm:)
That is mindfulness for an ADDer LOL


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