When a mistake takes on monumental proportions

So, as an ADDer, making an error causes a lot of anxiety, so I try to avoid making mistakes as much as humanly possible.

This really means I do very little and the majority of my days are spent at home. Alone.

But last week my daughter and the kids wanted to come spend a week but her vehicle is too unreliable to make a 12 hour drive. So hubby went to get them.  It was a fantastic week until I took them to see the alpacas on Friday.

As I was leaving I somehow managed to get my Suzuki on top of a rock in that driveway.  One moment of inattention created the following series of events:

1. Had to call CAA to get me off the rock. The steel bar underneath the Suzuki was pushed up causing the transmission to be pushed up into the floor of the vehicle. Vehicle now undrivable, that bar must be replaced and has to be ordered from out of this country as Suzuki is no longer in Canada. So, no vehicle until then, and no one can say how long it will take or how many thousands it will cost.

2. There are no rental cars available here on the island and my daughter has to get back home to her life. They were supposed to leave last Saturday but ended up leaving today.

3. We rented her a car from the mainland, one way to her home town, for $800.00 and she could only pick it up today, Monday.

4. Some people were generous enough to lend us their van so hubby could take her and the kids to the mainland and get that car so they could begin their long 12 hour drive.

5. Halfway across the Bay of Fundy the alarms went off on the ferry, the sound of the motor changed and they slowed down enough to double the crossing time.  Everyone was very nervous on the ferry.

6. Once off the ferry they were told they would not be able to come back to the island until tomorrow. Night. Tomorrow night. So hubby had to rent a room somewhere and find a way to kill all this time. Without spending more money.

7. Hubby was supposed to work tomorrow. The borrowed vehicle was supposed to go to the mechanic tomorrow too. Neither of those things will happen.

8. My daughter and I and my granddaughter all got a grand total of 3 hours sleep last night.

9. At this point I suspect I will never sleep again.

SO, can you understand why and ADDer dreads a mistake. One tiny moment of inattention, a single motion done without focus, can cause chaos to a whole chain of people and cost thousands of dollars.

Life quickly spins out of control.

It sucks to be me in these moments:(


7 responses

  1. sounds like you had an accident. Maybe it was due to your not being attentive enough (ADD) – those things happen to us, more often than to others – or maybe it was just an accident. you might decide to be more careful driving, but those big general ideas usually don’t work out very well. The rest of the stuff was circumstances, not your fault. it’s hard to think that if you’re really really careful you will never have another accident, or that noone else in your family ever has accidents.
    “guilt is a very useful emotion, for about five minutes.”
    best wishes

    1. Thanks Doug. It was an accident and nobody got hurt except the vehicle. But it did trigger the repercussions of the series of events that followed. Drives me insane…as is evident:)

  2. ashleypeacock641002277 | Reply

    Why so bad? Seems like an adventure to me!

    1. ashleypeacock641002277 | Reply


    2. Money we do not have…and I can think of far more fun things to do with a sum of money like that. Not to mention all the inconvenience I’ve caused to other people!

      1. ashleypeacock641002277

        You didnt cause all the stuff with the ferry though! You cant be expected to pay attention 100percent of the time, no person can do that! If you lost attention in another moment it wouldnt have mattered, if it accidently led to something awesome would you be so hard on yourself? :(. If we fear making mistakes we’ll fear to move!

      2. If it ever led to something totally awesome I’d be deliriously happy…but that has never happened yet. Maybe some day though. So you can perhaps see how tiresome, irritating and time-consuming a small moment of distractedness can lead to chaos. I’m certainly not responsible for the ferry but it would have been a non-issue if they could have left on Saturday as they had planned.

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