ADHD Life Stories: A Singer Sounds Off on Life with Attention Deficit

My advice to fellow ADDers is to get educated about the condition. I don’t like the word “disorder.” My other advice is to find out about your natural strengths rather than trying to play catch-up with the normal kids by taking a pill to think like them.

via ADHD Life Stories: A Singer Sounds Off on Life with Attention Deficit.

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She is 100% correct…do not take a pill so you can be like everyone else…SO not worth it people!


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  1. jeg – I’m sorry you had a bad experience with the meds; they certainly aren’t for everyone. glad you got out of the only doing drudgery rut. how awful. I think life needs to be balanced, doing things because we need to and doing things for fun and relaxation.
    I surely know the vortex you describe, easy to fall into, and I like your strategy of breaking it by doing something you love. I tend to break it by making a to do list, short, no more than 5 things and sometimes only one thing. otherwise the long list of “shoulds” becomes over whelming. I break up the doing by giving myself a reward when I complete a task, something I will enjoy. And I have trained myself to not say or think “should”, often “I need to ” works better, things seem less of a burden and chore.
    I pick up the dog poop from the back yard every morning, not because I love doing it, or because I ‘should’, but because if I don’t do it daily it will get to be a big chore, or the yard will get knee deep in poop which also is bad for the aquifer, and I can’t afford to pay someone else.
    My daytrana patch (Ritalin, but not a pill), helps me focus enough to get things that I need to do done, so they don’t pile up, and things I want to do done, so I enjoy them, and for both to wind up with a sense of accomplishment instead of feeling overwhelmed, overburdened, and demoralized.
    we can make our lives better!
    best wishes

  2. i don’t take a pill so i can be like everyone else, i dont want to be like everyone else. i take a pill so i can focus and get the things done that i want to do instead of floundering around in circles or sitting stalled cause i cant even figure out where to start.

    1. Really? Most take the meds so they can focus on all the details of duties and obligations, organization and “getting it done”. Unlike the hyperfocus, which comes naturally when doing something we are passionate about.

      1. yes, really. sometimes what i want to get done is an obligation or duty, but i want to get it done cause my life goes better if i do. For example, i hate doing my taxes, but i do them, not to be like everybody else, but to avoid having to pay the penalty for not doing them.
        it is usually easier to do something i am passionate about, but if it seems difficult or complicated, even then i may have a hard time getting started or carrying through.
        Wouldn’t life be great if we only needed to do the things we are passionate about?

      2. Oh yes, life would be divine:) I no longer take any meds because of severe side effects, but I remember, with wonder, when all I did was take care of all the drudgery life brings to people. All those tedious things filled my days and before I knew it, that’s ALL I did! without pleasure! I might add:) now, I have days when I turn around in circles making mental lists of all the things I should be doing. Then, finally, I snap out of that vortex and do something I love:) life is better now.

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