Just Another Day

Wake up some time between 3-4 AM, head to bathroom, stoke the fire, make coffee,feed the cats, have a few coffees while I play FB games for 2-3 hours, have a smoke or two during that time, wash dishes for 1.5/2 hours, stoke the fire, eat breakfast while I read, lay down for a nap at 10 AM or so. 

Usually sleep close to an hour, have a smoke, play FB games, read email and FB, eat lunch while I read, play FB games til 2 or 3, nap again for about an hour, watch Ellen, play FB games, feed cats, feed dog, eat supper, make coffee, smoke, drink coffee, watch TV and play FB games, go to bed at 10 PM because I can no longer keep my eyes open. 

Totally useless, pointless days.


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