Me and my Fibro

I have lived with pain since I was 14 years old…I am now 60 years old. That’s a whole lotta years and a whole bunch of doctors guessing, treatments failing, useless medications and people misjudging me.

Mostly labelled as lazy, uninspired, useless and crazy by everyone around me which has resulted in me being pretty much a loner, distrustful of people even though I maintain low expectations of others. Even with low expectations, people disappoint me, so I am a hermit of sorts.

Now I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and my first treatment is a drug called Lyrica. I take it 4 times a day so far. It’s not a miracle drug for me but it has given me a few more precious hours of sleep, enough energy to complete a few much needed neglected chores and a slight relief from pain. Sort of. It takes the edge off the pain to the point that I can tolerate it long enough to get moving for a couple of hours a day, which I do not waste as I know it is my only window of opportunity to get stuff done.

The side effects are not too bad, constipation being the “biggie” I have to constantly fight. Which I do with a diet consisting of 3/4 fresh fruit and vegetables and the rest whole grains and fibre with a little bit if meat for protein. So far, so good. Oh, I also use a Squatty Potty😄💩


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