Honeymoon with Lyrica

Ah, like all honeymoons, this too has come to an end.

After the initial euphoria of feeling good enough to get some small project done, like elongating my drapery panels to match, laying a field stone patio and cleaning my house, all within the few hours of morning relief provided by Lyrica and a couple of extra hours of deep sleep, (keeping in mind the impulsiveness of ADD, which prompts me to lay a stone patio as though that were a normal project to take on) I am now almost back to where I started. Bummer man.

I took 4 pills a day, did my things, then crashed for the rest of the afternoon. Now, every time I take a pill I have the overwhelming urge to sleep…yawn. The only bonus I get now is sleep. Don’t get me wrong, I love sleep, missed it desperately for years, but seriously, I already felt tired all day, every day for years. I was hoping for some energy, you know?

So now I’m trying a little juggling of the dosage, taking 2 pills at around 5:30 am, basically 3 hours after I get up.

Im hoping I’ll fall asleep for a couple of hours, wake up refreshed enough to carry me through a normal day.I plan to take the other 2 pills just before bedtime.

Fingers crossed!


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