Fibromyalgia Kicks Ass!

According to the Mayo Clinic:

Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals.
I used to be active, social, popular with my peers, and I had a personality termed vivacious, outgoing and friendly but a little weird (I have ADD/ADHD, which explains the weirdness). I have to say, there are times when the brain fog clears enough for me to look back and actually miss that person. She is long gone now, hardly a glimmer of her remains.

Her ass got handed to her by fibromyalgia.

Don’t get me wrong, she didn’t just turn tail and run, she stood up and fought back…hard. And she lost. Badly. She was ass-kicked all the the way to the past. If I dwell on the past me, I become sad and a little bewildered. 😞😮

Fortunately for me I have a memory problem. I am unable to go through the memory files in my head and re-live the past moment. Instead, I get totally random memories suddenly popping into my head, completely unrelated to anything happening in the moment. I have a brother who gets so irritated when he tries to play “remember when” with me. I never am able to pick out the memory he describes, oh well. Thanks a bunch ADD😜

I personally think this ADD trait saves me from sadness and depression. I mean, how can I be sad when I barely remember what has happened, who I was and any fun I may have had?
When I get a glimpse of the one I used to be, she looks like someone I would have liked to hang out with, do things with, go places with. But it doesn’t depress me because those memories are fleeting at best.
I still like to laugh and my sense of humour is a bit warped, so once in a while you may find me laughing at a most inappropriate time. That happens a lot. Oh well, it’s the least of my worries since I don’t go anywhere anyway.


3 responses

  1. “Her ass got handed to her by fibromyalgia.”
    Sounds about right to me.

    1. Yes, it stops me in my tracks daily when that thought crosses my mind. Pisses me right off, right😁

      1. Oh yes, it pisses me the fuck off too!

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