Fibromyalgia + Attention Deficit Disorder =



There are some overlapping symptoms with Fibro and adult ADD. Hypersensitivity is one, diminished attention span is a BIG one and impaired concentration along with the ever wonderful chronic sleep disturbances.

As an old, somewhat decrepit adult with ADD, (no, we do NOT outgrow it, we have learned tricks to deal with most symptoms), living in my mind is mainly all fun and games. Living in this Fibro body is not fun and games. See the problem? Which would be a major issue for some but for me it has a surprising and kind of welcome benefit: Fibro pain has all but put a halt to my never-ending struggle with impulsivity. Because of all the pain it is damn near impossible to follow a lot of the adventures that suddenly occur to me as a great, fun idea😄 This body just cannot follow through, and pain is an excellent way to get my attention and my head out of the clouds (or out of my ass some would say hee hee hee).

Fibro fog and ADD people cannot remember stuff at will. I have never been able to pull specific memories out of my head when needed, even when I was taking ADD meds. That particular executive function is just not available to me. Needless to say, as a family we don’t sit around playing “remember when” LOL

I could bore you with more comparisons, which I most likely will in the future as they occur to me, if I happen to be on my iPad…and can keep my train of thought going long enough to write it down…oh look, my cat is doing something cute! 



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