Fibro Lyrica side effects

Leave it to me to have the less common side effects of a medication that works rather well for me:Lyrica💊.

Less than 10% suffer from constipation…I say that’s easier for me to deal with than the opposite💩

Less than 3% suffer from increased sex drive…I hardly can imagine anyone complaining about this particular side effect. For me, my libido went on a permanent vacation 30 some odd years ago 🏖

The return of the sex drive at my age is…disconcerting. Hubby is a 68 year old prostate survivor, in remission for 10 years now. That in itself is cause for celebration…he is active and healthy, still works (positive identity all wrapped up in his ability to earn an income), and is relatively an all-around content man. The radiation/hormone therapy did a number on his ability to perform sexually. ED has been attempted to be cured with common medications, little blue pill as well, however the side effects were too dangerous for him. You can see where I’m going with this, can’t you? 👀

Our love is strong having endured and thrived during many, many difficult times. So, while many would consider being in that rare 3% a cause for celebration🎉 we know this will be a challenge…one we hope we are up for…No pun intended☝🏼☺️


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  1. This really made me laugh, any effect from my Lyrica in this area would surely be wiped out by all the others I take and at 37 I think I’d want to be in that 3%, my long suffering wife who cares for me on top of doing 50+ hours a week is probably happy I’m not hahaha!

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