Fibro Mornings

This is how I feel when I’m up at 3 AM, having slept 5 hours

GM Vietnam

Yesterday, I battled being too cold, which tenses up my pathetic  muscles, which in turn creates some wicked, intense, bone tingling pain🤕. It also makes me super cranky, which drives me crazy. I hate being cranky. These are the days when I keep entirely to myself, barely mumbling a response to any inquiries, speaking only when I’m spoken to🙊.

The only redeeming quality to the day was this

Winter dec 2015

And this

Winter storm 2015 backyard

And this

Winter 2015 dining room windows

I’m living in a winter wonderland.

Took hubby All day with the snow blower to clear the crazy long driveway we have, as well as all around this bigass house so we can use all 4 sets of doors.

Still, it’s a beautiful thing Mother Nature. Lots of eye candy👀


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