Fibro What’s this New Pain?

OMG! How all-consuming a new pain location becomes. It’s almost ridiculous😜
A few days ago I started getting these sudden, sharp pains in the back of my knee. This new pain did not cancel out the front knee pain that I’ve grown used to..oh no. Like there weren’t enough hours in the day already to cover all that I had, I get to add a brand new, unknown pain to the mix🙄

Mind is willing

I want to avoid going to the doctor before my next scheduled appointment, so I google it of course. And, true to form, being our favourite diagnostician, it is full of choices as to what it could be, might be, possibly be. Just like a real doctor 😁

So, I start by weeding out the obvious, like sports related injuries🏅LMAO I could not be further away from anything remotely atheletic⛹🏽Next, it’s on to possible “so serious, run to see your doctor immediately”, like DVT (blood clot) and strange lumps that a hot and swollen. ☠ That elicits a wipe the brow phew😅

Which always leaves the ones that are not serious enough to worry about, take a pill and mention to the doc at your next appointment problems. Yay! Now I can jot it down, in case it’s just disappears as it mysteriously appeared and I forget about it. 🤔It could happen, that’s why he told me to write lists. Thankfully those lists are mercifully short now.📑

Still, this new sharp pain behind the knee bugs me a lot because it comes and goes. Prevents me from walking without a limp, prevents me from sitting in my favourite chair, forces me to find new ways find comfort. Occupies too much of my time and that just bugs me👿


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