Fibro/Chronic Pain Sufferers Irritating To You? My Response:


I cannot begin to explain the rage that fills me when I see someone roll their eyes🙄 every time someone talks about their chronic pain😡

I fight the extremely strong urge to become violent and smack them into next week🗓. Then kick their ignorant asses just for fun, the shitheads💩.

I have met and known many chronic pain sufferers in my lifetime as I have always worked for very large companies with thousands of employees. I have overheard too many disparaging remarks behind the backs of these people and seen eye rolls galore. It pissed me off then and continues to piss me off now. No one ever knew I was part of this group because I never once mentioned it to anyone. I can’t imagine what I would have said or done if they had been trash talking me instead of some of my co-workers.

Perhaps I’d be in jail for assault😁

All kidding aside, I was very vocal about what I overheard and saw. I was renown for being “extremely opinionated”, “crazy-assed bleeding heart” etc. Once, I overheard something I didn’t like and one of the ladies said to me”Do you mind, this is a private conversation!”. My response was “If you want to have a private conversation find yourselves a spot where there are no people to overhear your loud, rude and ignorant remarks about other people!” They huffed away and my peeps laughed their asses off at them😂

So, this is the reason I don’t talk to people nowadays and it’s why I don’t talk to anyone about how I feel.

The experts say it’s unhealthy to have my mindset.

I agree…it would be extremely unhealthy for others LMAO


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