Fibro Special Occasions

Today my post is far more positive than my angry post yesterday😳
Allow me to apologize for flying off the handle.
Today is our 33rd wedding anniversary + 3 years of living together before we tied the knot💑

Celebratory long, luxurious fancy dinner at a restaurant in the city, night of live music and dancing, after hours drinks….🍾


That would be a fantasy, not a reality.

The reality is any dinner must be short…I cannot sit comfortably for any reasonable amount of time. So,dinner is always at home🍝

A crowded club with live music sounds fantastic…NOT. While my love of music is all-consuming, a crowded club, even an empty one, just is not a reality for me anymore. Not since the 80’s…the noise, the people, the crowded room and the uncomfortable chairs can no longer be endured by me, not even for a minute 👏🏽💃🏽👠🍻🎷🎤.

I dance only parts of my body now (the ones with the least pain)while listening to my iPod and certainly not with the wild abandon of yesteryear🎧. Same goes for drinking alcohol. I was never a heavy or frequent drinker, but now an ounce of alcohol is too much when mixed with my meds🍷.

A quiet dinner at home, conversing and laughing with the hubby gives me great joy. YouTube provides me with live music and an ounce of wine mixed with 4 ounces of club soda is enough to make me slightly tipsy👄😂.

Other than my chronic pain I am a very low-maintenance woman. I appreciate the simple things in life and I do not require any type of fanfare, ever. Hubby knows me well, this is his gift to me:

Anniversary gift

The hot trend right now is adult colouring books…notice the cute groundhogs smooching on the card in the background.

This brings me pleasure😄.

Peace out✌🏽️.



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