Fibro + Weather

I follow on FB and they were talking about considering what the weather is like when choosing a place to move to.
This is an excerpt from yesterday:
“It’s possible that ancestors who claimed they could feel a change in the weather in their bones may have suffered from fibromyalgia. Patients today agree they can predict a big change in the weather, such as increased heat, wind, and rain, by increased pain or fatigue in different parts of their body. Areas of former injuries, such as torn muscles or broken bones, are impacted by twinges and sharp stabs of pain. Constant pain affects the sinus areas and certain joints. Patients feel defeated by the intense fatigue that spreads across their body.”

Snowdrift against house
No wonder my sleep was SO bad yesterday, we had a major snow event coming in. Hubby is snow blowing us out now🌨🌬☃⛄️

The article says our optimal weather conditions is steady, mild weather, like in Arizona and New Mexico.

So, shall we start saving our money and slowly start packing our stuff (by the time we finish we should have enough money saved). I figure the years it will take me to sporadically have enough energy to pack something will be long enough to save enough money LMAO

Random bones


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  1. Fortunately in the UK at the moment we are having a very mild winter, but I know when the cold weather is coming and heat packs on my spine have become a must…

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