Fibro Weather Affects

The day before yesterday (I think) we had a snowstorm and I did not get more than a couple of hours sleep that night.

Wolverine snow
Today, it is pouring rain and I slept from 10:30PM-5:45Am!!!!

Storm rain

Also, after the snowstorm the weather was mild, the snow was wet and heavy, but I was able to learn how to use the snowblower. Very exciting! I love being outside, doing something useful that will not cause me days on end of pain.

It’s difficult to explain to hubby about the different pain levels, and the different causes of pain level. In his mind, if I feel good enough to go out and do something I’m not in any pain. It’s hard to make him understand that the pain is constant, it just never, ever goes away. I am always in pain. When I do certain things that cause flare ups of intense pain that I cannot control with meds or relaxation…well, those are the actions I wish to avoid. Then, there are things I can do that only create mild flare ups, easily controlled by meds and a bit of rest. Those are the things I want to do more of. Which I will, come hell or high water.

Hubby knows he can’t tell me what to do LOL standing joke in our house.

The Boss

“Don’t tell me what to do” and “you’re not the boss of me” are tongue-in-cheek remainders to each other that we are not children but full-grown adults capable of making our own decisions. Which we will do, even when met with disapproval, warnings and intense frowning.

It’s a childish, little amusing statement that signals to others that whatever we are saying is not up for discussion.

Don't tell me what to do

It’s a great way to nip those petty arguments in the bud before they cause any emotional damage.




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