Fibro + ADHD + Depression Part 1


As people with ADHD get older,their symptoms become more internal. They’re not as outwardly hyper and distractable, but they still have a lot of trouble focusing, staying on task, and getting things done. FocusThey can also be impulsive and feel drawn to active, stimulating activities. This has a big effect on their education and work. Also, can also interfere with social skills and relationships.


  1. We have difficulty reading social cues and non-verbal communication.
  2. We blurt out inappropriate comments.Blurt
  3. We interrupt and talk too much
  4. Not a good listener
  5. Come across as distracted and spaceyDistracted
  6. Changing conversation topics a little too randomly, talk about something seemingly out of nowhere.Chaotic
  7. Do inappropriate things to stimulate themselves in conversations, like start an argument.
  8. Have trouble with their own body language and personal space,may adopt an awkward or closed-off stance without realizing it. They can also be overly fidgety. They may not have a sense of how much personal space other people need, and invade it without meaning to.
  9. Having trouble managing their time, and starting and finishing tasks. This hinders careers, but also gets in the way of relationships, generally seen as scatterbrained, flaky, and unreliable by their friends,often being late because they aren’t good at giving themselves enough time to get ready and leave when they need to. They intend to leave on time, but get distracted by something right before they have to head out the door.Late
    Procrastinate on things like initiating a plan with someone, or contacting friends to keep in touch,frequently forgetting important dates, like friends’ birthdays, they’ll getĀ a plan going, but not follow through on it, i.e. they invite co-workers over for dinner, but never get around to buying the food.Intentions
    More broadly, their whole lives might beĀ up in the air, which indirectly impacts their friendships, i.e. they may have trouble keeping down a job, or have enough money.
  10. We can also be irritable, quick-tempered and engage in risky behaviour.
  11. Inflexible: a side effect of methods someone may be using to keep their symptoms in check, some function best when they keep themselves to a tight, organized schedule. This causes problems when they feel they can’t stray from that structure, I.e. a woman may have an evening routine she follows, and tries to force her friends to go along with it when they’re all hanging out.Hanging outSo, all this to say, this is me and all I cannot change. I can only find ways to adapt myself to fit into my environment. Sometimes I can, sometimes I cannot, no matter how hard I try. It is more difficult because I no longer take any medication for this. Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā  Ā Ā It is very tiring to be me LOL

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