Fibro Holidays

I’m going to make some assumptions here.
Holiday time is stressful enough without pain and with pain it becomes that much more important to make holidays comfortable instead of frenzied.
The only way to do that is to downsize your whole holiday week, leading up to and after the big day.
You learn to say yes to things that give you the most pleasure instead of just saying yes to all willy-nilly activities, which are usually about a sense of duty rather than pleasure.
Everything from decor right to the big meal, things must be eliminated altogether or at the very least made less time consuming.
Or else…we suffer throughout the entire time and enjoy nothing rather than have some enjoyment punctuated with all encompassing happiness that makes us forget the pain for short amounts of time. As in, going to see the kids Xmas play/concert, watching them open presents, seeing their eyes light up at the elaborate Xmas lights displays in a neighbourhood you drive to just for them.
You get the drift, right.
We have no small children, no relatives nearby nor to we drive around looking for excessively lit up neighbourhoods.
We have minimal decor,inside and outside, using a few battery operated lit tree lights outside only, not inside. We exchange a small amount of gifts when we get up but we don’t wait til everybody is awake to open the presents. We have a meal prepared with one fav food item each and we sit down together for the big meal, which we serve a bit earlier than our usual mealtime because the vast amount of cleanup from Xmas dinner is huge, even if we don’t make a huge meal for visitors…we like lots of leftovers.
And, finally, instead of trying to travel to be with the grandkids we use Skype. It is a fabulous way to visit, to see their smiles, hear their voices and just chit chat. The only thing missing is the hugs.
Oh well nothing is perfect😄

I trust you have all done things to ensure some joy rather than just endure.

Happy holidays all.


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