Fibro: Desert Minefield


Sex, or rather, the lack of sex, is not a topic with a lot of support.
Why is that?

Well, the man’s reaction is always usually this


When faced with this


The woman is always usually thought about as this


The fact is: sexual dysfunction is about much more than a physical issue, it is an emotional minefield


Therefore, the lack of rationality between couples when faced with sexual problems of any kind creates this


A chasm so big, it can become insurmountable, which leaves most couples that stick it out in an emotionally barren landscape.


As you can see, the initial reaction, that first one, with the guy grabbing his head is panic and dismay, is spot on, as far as what is in store emotionally. The crazed ice princess reaction for the woman is also correct.

Does it have to be this way?

Are we just so socially conditioned about sex in general that we are doomed to be unable to overcome this killer of intimacy?


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