This is an example of a common type of conversation with me.

Daughter-in-law, holding a large freezer bag towards me “What’s this?”

Me, in mid crouch before the wood stove, “they look like…muffins?.

She persists “They look like cupcakes.”

Me, still in mid-crouch, which is getting uncomfortable, imageand contributing to the feeling of confusion I’m beginning to feel, as I respond with a shrug of my shoulders, universal gesture for “I have no idea.”image

Hubby walks in the room and says “Those are chocolate cupcakes.”

Now there are 2 people looking at me, seemingly expecting me to respond with some kind of information that I cannot figure out. I wonder why they are being so persistent.image

At this point my mind has panicked. Which must show on my face ’cause they are both smiling. So I say “ok.” and add another shrug.


Now they are both laughing and I have a strong feeling I am the source of their intense amusement.

Hubby says “Those are the chocolate cupcakes you made while she was away. You made them before Xmas. Remember?”

At this point I am a deer caught in the headlights because I still have no earthly clue. No memory bells ringing, memory files empty or at least memory drawers locked and I lost the key. Realizing they are having fun at my expense, and they won’t drop it ’til I admit I have no idea what they are freakin’ talking about, I say “Oh ya, hmm, I don’t really remember.”image

They laugh hysterically, I join in and continue building my fire. image


Their laughter dies away much later than my own😁



5 responses

  1. This is me, where questions are concerned – every single morning of my life! “Do you want coffee?” [????] “Where is your coffee cup?” [????] – and *especially* “What time did you get to bed?” (as if I’d know, since time has always been a murky concept, or it would matter, since getting to bed bears no relation to falling asleep) .

    “Smiling through” gets harder every year – and laughter has always been beyond me until I’ve been up for an hour or so. (Maybe I need to change the name of my Grumpy Monday Series to Morning Grumpy Morning?)

    Thank goodness that when I DO finally wake up I don’t have to struggle with Fibro along with everything else! Grateful for small blessings – not that this one is exactly “small.”
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

    1. I have found since the Fibro control gets harder as I age the ADD quirks matter less and less. Actually, ADD provides a whole lot of hysterical laughter in our house😄

      1. That is really sad – when ADD quirks pale in comparison to something else you are dealing with (like with N-24 effects and me, tho’ I struggle to find either especially funny these days). I’m double-triple thankful that I don’t have to deal with Fibro too (so sorry that you DO)
        xx, mgh

  2. Hehehehe, this made me laugh so much as it is like many conversations in my house with my family. In the end I have that blank stare and sometimes I find myself laughing hysterically other times I find myself skulking away desperate to stamp my feet which is far too painful to do or to comeback with some witty remark but the fog usually prevents that so much that I can just about find my way back to my chair, then 15 minutes later that witty comeback is shared which just starts them off at me again 🙂 you have to smile though!

    1. Lots of laughs like that in my house…my son also has ADD. It’s a regular house of loons here😄

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