Fibro: Fix The Sleep!!!

I woke up this morning feeling different. No foggy brain, no puffy eyes, no shuffle of the dead. WTF happened? I slept a peaceful, healing sleep of exactly 8 hours! 8 HOURS!


I checked my usual aching parts, and they were still achy. Hmmmm. But my pain does not make me feel like I usually feel.



What is this sorcery called restful sleep?


All I can determine is a normal night involving a full 8 hours of sleep cannot cure your pain but it can highly elevate your ability to tolerate the pain. Which in turn enables functioning like a near-normal human being. Reminiscent of the one you were in the past.


Sleep doesn’t turn back the clock, doesn’t make you younger and doesn’t bring back the person you grieved for. It does give you back a bit of that sassyness, the endearing smart-ass that made up your essence.


What we all need is for someone brilliant to FIX THE SLEEP!!!!


So we can be like this


Instead of like this





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