Fibro/Chronic Pain: Alternative Therapy

In my humble opinion, or maybe not so very humble, there are 3 alternative therapies that actually work better than anything out there at this time.

1.Laughter Therapy


2. Music Therapy


3. Dance Therapy


Anybody can use these 3 things at any time of the day or night, sitting, standing, vertically or horizontally, even if you are completely immobilized you can use all 3 in your imagination. And they all work, far more effectively than any medication and there are only positive side effects, the most important side effect being happiness.

Laughing is as vital to my life as air. Without laughter I would die.


And, I would dare anyone in the world to try to remain morose, depressed, sad, or any other negative way while listening to upbeat music and dancing.


Even when I am flat on my back, knocked senseless by the pain, I can put in my earphones and dance with wild abandon in my mind.


Dancing with wild abandon hasn’t actually been done since my 20’s, cause this broken body cannot move that way for real. But in my mind I can. Just like in my mind I can sing like the greatest superstar.


Unfortunately for my hubby and children, they have heard me sing. They all agree I would never be a superstar😄 I’m ok with that, because the whole point is to make the endorphins fly through my mind and body with their healing powers, putting that smile in my heart and on my face.


So, come on y’all, won’t you join me?




3 responses

  1. Reblogged this on Seachy Waffles On, Chronic Pain is a game changer and commented:
    Some great alternative therapies to improve your mind, have a positive impact on the pain as the happy endorphins are released into your body. We should all try some of this regardless of whether you have chronic pain, mental health issues or just want to relax after work etc – here’s to a happy, music and dance fun filled evening to you all!

  2. Great alternatives and another share from me, I do enjoy your blogs 🙂 keep them coming!

    1. Thank you so much!

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