Fibro/Chronic Pain: Music Up

Heres just a little example of my music list “to do dishes by”, I figure just 5 songs off the list is enough to give you a taste of one of the playlists I use to get me through that chore.


I use this type of playlist to boogie my way through the dishes to prevent a neck/shoulder flare up as well as a hip/pelvis flare up. It works well!

Song example (you can watch them on YouTube)

  1. Bring Down The House by Dean Brody
  2. In The Night by The Weeknd
  3. S.O.B. By Nathaniel Ratecliff + the Night Sweats
  4. Crazy For You by Hedley
  5. Earned It by The Weeknd

I have thousands of songs on my iPod, divided into decades rather than genres, because the decades represent more what I was into at the time. Divided into music genres just created way too many playlists with way too many songs on them for it to be efficient.

Have you tried it yet?


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