Thursday’s Tale: Mi’kmaq 7 Sacred Directions

This is a very condensed version of our creation as told to us by Elder Stephen Augustine, dean of aboriginal studies at Cape Breton University. You may click in the link below to get a more in-depth version on his website www.


The first level of creation comes with The Giver of Life. In the Mi’kmaq understanding of the world, the sky or the direction above is symbolic of this first level of creation.


The second level of creation is our Grandfather Sun. The sun is symbolic of the centre direction and of the self.


The third level of creation is Mother Earth. She is represented in the direction below us.


The fourth level of creation is represented by Glooscap lying with his head in the East as he is being formed. And the quality of leadership is associated with this direction, as well as the birds.


The fifth level of creation is represented by Grandmother in the South – she is symbolic of wisdom and knowledge, and the animal life.


The sixth level of creation is represented by the Young Man, the Nephew, and the west. He is symbolic of youth and vision and strength, and the fish, the ocean life.



The seventh level of creation is represented by the Mother in the North – she is symbolic of understanding and love, and the plant life.


The sweat lodge is made up of all these things to honour all that created the Mi’kmaq people. The sweat dripping off of the people coming out of the sweatlodge is the offering of ourselves (our sweat) dripping down into Mother Earth.





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