Fibro:Days to Shut Up + Endure

I have been lucky this year with the weather. We have seen so many unseasonably warm days which melted all the snow, warmed up the earth as well as warmed my bones.


Today, a snowstorm is coming faster than a locomotive. I can feel it; I sense its progress with my pain.


First, my face, with aching sinuses, spectacular headache and the back of my head is throbbing. As the snow nears in the atmosphere, my pain descend down the back and sides of my neck, spreading over my shoulders and upper back like a heavy cloak.


A blizzard brings on full-blown, all-encompassing pain to each upper and lower portions of my fibro “pain points”. The difference between this blizzard and the ones last year is time between storms. Time to recuperate and accumulate tolerance to endure this storm, confident it will end and I will feel better. Last year, there was a whole lot of ‘OMG! Will this ever end so I can get off my ass and do something other than hold myself together!?”


Last winter we were battered by blizzards, day after day, with barely any time in between to dig ourselves out of the mountains of snow before beginning again.


This winter, I barely experienced weather prompted symptoms. We had just enough snow to be able to make one small old lady sliding hill. That cute little thing is long gone, having melted within a couple of weeks.image

So, here we are, fields of water, bugs flying around, caterpillars crawling here and there, grass showing, birds singing, squirrels everywhere, and no snow. It was so warm yesterday all I wore was a hoodie to walk the dog.


Today, at this early hour, it is still warm and dry, but I can feel the atmospheric pressure building and gathering strength, speed and snow clouds. I am practically crippled by the pain. I will hold it together, rest, read and not fret about the lost time. I will enjoy the picture snow makes outside while I remain warm by the fire of the wood stove, read a book while I sip coffee and warm my bones with home-made soup.


It’ll be spring again next week😄



3 responses

  1. SO sorry to hear you are in pain. Weather hits my *brain* vs. my body – I’m not sure which is worse, but both are hateful. Unseasonably warm is worse for me than unseasonably cold (I actually love winter, but can’t tolerate a cold body very well). My brain melts with heat – at least that is what it feels like – as if I’m on the verge of heatstroke all the time. I am so heat-intolerant I can barely THINK, much less accomplish.

    When it feels like the cold gets into my bones it is so tough to stay awake that I sleep for far too many hours each night (melatonin response when the body cools) – even if I nap (with my head and feet wool covered – sexy! 😀 ). When awake, I spend *most* of my time perched at my computer – with a heater at my feet and multiple layers of clothing.

    Like you, spring and fall seem to be my “best” seasons for getting things done. Hateful! Nonetheless, we continue to do what we CAN, yes?

    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMore dot com)
    – ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder –
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

    1. Excessive cold, excessive hot…both induce a lot of pain, one way or another. Bottom line is I’m rarely comfortable in my own skin. Not something I dwell on since I live in Canada after all hee hee hee. Napping happens for me however that does not provide any relief. As for “sexy”…been a very long time since that word applied to me…and I don’t even care either 😜 Just not on my radar.

      1. Re: sexy — Not really on mine either – just pointing out the clear change from the days of sexy nighwear. As for Canada – I would LOVE to live there! I hope you will feel better soon. Spring is coming – hopefully a few moderate days before. We are facing 3 days of snowfall & icy roads at nite here (huge snowflakes coming down as I type) – crazy February weather is the norm for Cincinatti. Yesterday was 50 degrees. xx, mgh

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