Fibro: Household Dynamics

In our household the most energetic person happens to be the oldest person. My hubby works mostly full-time for a large hardware chain store. He is a merchandiser and walks approximately 7 miles on a daily basis. He is 68 and relatively fit.


Then, there’s me, a 60-year-old ADD/Fibromyalgia sufferer who takes no meds for either condition and tries to pace herself (ya, right) but does a lousy job of it. I am unable to work inside or outside the home, so most of the time I struggle with feelings of uselessness.


Next up is my daughter-in-law, 30-year-old chronic pain suffer since her late teens when a large tumour was removed from her lower spine. She takes some strong meds when the pain is too much to handle, eats wells, does gentle yoga designed for her from the chronic pain program she attended for one year. She also struggles to pace herself and needs friends and a social life to ward off depression.

imageLast, but not least, is my son, fellow ADDer. He uses medicinal marijuana as treatment for his lack of focus and severe social anxiety. He works from home in a room upstairs dedicated to just his computer, monitors etc. This all works for him and he puts in at least 50 hours a week to support him and his wife. By far the most “good mood” person in this house but has less time on his hands for leisure/household chores.


So, there you have it, our dysfunctional weird household. Did I mention between the four of us we have 7 indoor cats and a small, aging dog to care for. As well as the 6 outdoor feral cats we feed.

Good grief!

Anyway, these family household dynamics makes for a difficult time getting all the household chores done. If the house was smaller it would be easier to keep up but then we’d be in others way.


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