Fibro: Allodynia


Do you find it extremely difficult to perform easy, ordinary, everyday tasks? You know the kind of simple things everyone else seem to do without even thinking about it?

Man in Shower, "Too hot, too cold."

Man in Shower, “Too hot, too cold.”

Like, showering: does hot water make you feel dizzy and weak? If you turn down the hot water and make the shower cooler, do you start to shiver uncontrollably? Does the intensity of the shower water hitting your skin feel like a thousand needles piercing your skin? Do you find you have an overwhelming need to sit down before you have finished washing, your energy depleted by the vigorous motion required to wash your hair and body? Are your arms tired and achey before your done? Drying/styling your hair seems insurmountable with tires weak arms? I am able to shower only once a week😤

One size fits all.

One size fits all.

Does dressing become a lesson in planning? Too many clothes, not enough clothes become regretful decisions because you quickly become too hot or too cold. A gentle breeze feel like a nor’easter wind? Waistbands, bra straps,elasticity in the socks, rough fabrics, tags…all sources of intense pain? Mostly I dress in loose sweats, multi-layers,soft and unattractive clothes.👖👚


Does talking on the phone or in person become so difficult you are searching for your words? Does brain fog deplete all of your ability to focus on a simple conversion? Easily distracted? Easily confused? So frustrated you feel like smacking yourself upside your head? Does your arm/shoulder immediately begin to ache while holding the phone up to your ear? I rarely answer the phone and I try to do all my business online.📞☎️


Do you immediately become anxious at the thought of driving yourself somewhere? Do you forget where your going or how to get there? Do you feel like it is impossible to complete all the simple things required while driving? Does that multi-tasking provoke some intense anxiety? I have not driven myself anywhere that takes longer than a few minutes. 🚘

All of these things people take for granted become so insurmountable for chronic pain sufferers. I feel like I’m trying to scale mountains most days. 🗻

All semblance of independence goes right out the window. Allodynia takes your abilities away, leaving you wondering “WTF???!!!” 🤔

You are not going crazy, it is real. 😜

Here is the definition of allodynia:

Allodynia is a clinical feature of many painful conditions, such as neuropathies, complex regional pain syndrome, postherpetic neuralgia, fibromyalgia, and migraine. Allodynia may also be caused by some populations of stem cells used to treat nerve damage including spinal cord injury.

‎Types – ‎Causes – ‎Pathophysiology – ‎Treatment



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