Fibro: Chronic Sinus Infections


Yup, that’s right, one more thing to add to the endless list of crap we need to control is that constant drip of your sinuses irritating the back of your throat/nose. My actual nose is usually very dry, not runny.

Always feels like there’s a bunch of cotton stuffed up behind my nose/eyes, constant drip of mucous, stuffy ears, depending on which side of my head was tilted the most during my short night of sleep, and the constant blowing of the nose!


Lot course, this sinus infection does NOT affect my hypersensitive sense of smell, oh no, that would be just too much goodness for me😷

I just get to swallow mucous all day long, choke on it in the morning and after I’ve laid down for a bit. Good times😜

Sinusitis Elephant

Sinusitis Elephant

Seriously, though, chronic sinus infection is one of the earliest symptoms of fibromyalgia. It is yeast infections. After ruling out all the meds for infections, allergies and so on, and you are still left with ongoing mucous problems, well, then a doctor should be looking to add it the growing list of pain you feel in order to diagnose you properly with Fibro.


There is also myofascial sinus, which is when the thin layer of connective tissue that covers,supports and connects muscle cells,muscle fibres and the whole muscle…well, the whole support network that gives the body it’s shape and determines flexibility. It means, literally, tiny contraction knots. Healing occurs during Delta sleep, where cell reparation occurs. No Delta sleep, no repair.

What this means for you is constant fluid backs up in the sinuses which causes constant post nasal drip while your nose remains dry. This sinus blockage can change from side to side as you turn in bed.

Sometimes warm salt water used as nose drops before bed helps to lessen the nighttime sinus sloshing. Sometimes controlling the amount  of yeast in your diet helps keep the balance of yeast in your body under control.

I use a 24 hour allergy pill to keep the post nasal drip from choking me. I blow my nose a lot to help keep the sinuses from choking me.

This sinus problem was one of the very first things I went to the doctor with, way back in my 20’s, in the late 1970’s, early 1980’s. Stone Age times LOL


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