Fibromyalgia/ADD: Moments

I’m still plugging away at the guitar, know 3 songs now. It’s hard but pleasurable. Doesn’t take away any of the pain, but does distract me from the pain for those moments with guitar in hand.

I’m still singing the odd karaoke as well. This also is just moments of distraction, when the pain isn’t the main focus of my life.

I guess that’s all we can do is carve out moments of time in this pain-filled life that bring tiny moments of pleasure.

On the Doctor front; got sent to sleep clinic and prescribed CPAP machine…..we’ll see how much sleep I get wearing that! Guess it can’t be much less than I get now.

Also, I’m waiting for a call from a sinus specialist because this gagging, post nasal drip is ridiculous. Definitely not allergies is all we know at this point. Hence, the specialist.

Oh brother, here we go again…another round of doctors. Just never ends til we give up, right?


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