Fibromyalgia: Sleep Apnea

My doc sent me to a sleep study, which diagnosed me with moderate sleep apnea. Moderate means I stop breathing 271 times in a four hour sleep period. The longest I stop breathing is 51 seconds, on average it’s 42 seconds. Let me tell you, I cannot hold my breath for 51 seconds while I am awake😄

Anyway, I am very busy while sleeping, my body working hard to keep me alive. So, is it any wonder I am so f#*+ing exhausted all the time. Hubby came with me in case I missed something important on the use of the new machine and mask I have to wear while sleeping. He said my body is busier while I sleep than when I’m awake. I have to agree, during waking house I barely move off the couch. My exercise is shuffling from the couch to the coffee machine to the bathroom etc.

Anyway, I am on a 4 week trial with a CPAP machine. I wear a nose mask that is connected to a machine that blows oxygen into me while I sleep. Quiet machine, soft nose mask that is keep on my face by straps wrapping around my head. So far, night 3 was a bit more successful than night 1 and 2. I still sleep the same amount of time, 4-5 hours, I’m still pretty damn tired during the day, so nothing changed for me yet. Guess it’s quiet for the hubby, as he doesn’t have to listen to any snoring or gasping in my sleep. I do not have high hopes for this therapy. I’m not really a pessimist but consider myself a realist. Well I guess we will see at the end of 30 days. 

Untreated sleep apnea has been shown to co-exist with high blood pressure (I have low blood pressure), heart disease (so far, no sign of that for me), heart attack, irregular heart beat & stroke (fingers crossed, none of that for me) and type 2 diabetes (rampant in my family, yet I still test negative for this also). As a matter of fact, all my lab works come back and always show a very healthy woman! 

Go figure🙄


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