Fibromyalgia/ADD:Pop Culture The Beatles

In 1964, I was 9 years old, and the Beatles exploded into my conciousness like an atomic bomb!

We were poor, battered and bruised, but my oldest sister had a job and had bought my Mom a TV. So we gathered round in that infamous night of Feb. 1964 and watched the Ed Sullivan Show along with 73 million other people❤️ The Beatles performed and changed me forever…and I was just 9 years old. Just a little kid, already hopeless and afraid, watched 4 young guys sing a happy, upbeat song….and I was hooked FOREVER. I did not have the raging hormones of a teenage girl, I didn’t fall in love with a cute image in tv. I discovered, for the first time, that an upbeat, happy song could make me feel different, joyful and hopeful. 

During that year I watched every interview with the Fab Four, adored every song, danced and sang like a fool. They were irreverent, cheeky and funny…and I totally could relate to that, because that was me! They were celebrated for it, I was punished for it. Nonetheless, it gave me the sense that I would be ok sometime in the distant future. Goodness knows I needed something to make hopeful I could escape my circumstances. And I did escape eventually.

And I still love The Beatles❤️ all their music as well as John Lennons’ music. I never got into any of Pauls’ music. As individual artists, only John Lennon reached me with is music. So it remains that the Beatles, as a whole entity, got my fanship, but once they split, I didn’t follow their careers other than Johns’.

What a crazy, wild time they had! So much fun, for them and for the world. They made people happy…can’t ask for much more than that in life.


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