The majority of images used in my ramblings postings are royalty free stock images and some of them are photos taken by me, my husband or my son.

Only the words in my rantings postings are my very own individual written ideas and words.

Unless I’ve read something written by someone else that I have liked SO much I choose to re-post their article.  And I ALWAYS say it is a re-post, give credit where credit is due and all that jazz.

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  1. I am a law student with ADHD. School is not an easy task for me. To help, I’ve developed this app called ‘Finish It’. It’s a to-do list that simulates a deadline to put pressure on me to focus and finish my task. It’s been a great help. I think it could help a lot of people in different situations. Would you take a look at it and review it for your twitter or blog or facebook?

    1. I sure would try that out. Goodness knows we all need some good help getting things done👍

      1. Excellent! I’m going to need an email address to send the app to.

      2. jegoyer@gmail.com I will give it a fair try and post my review, whether it be positive or negative.

        On Thursday, March 19, 2015, addpositively wrote:


  2. Hi there jeg700, I’d like to contact you but cant find an email anywhere. Can you contact me? MikeyRodgerson@gmail.com

    1. Whatever you post in the comment sections come directly to my email.

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